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A few years ago, amidst TV gigs and raising babies, I fell in love with teaching. I fell in love with the artistic process, and the desire to create a studio where actors could reconnect with the reason they got into this crazy business in the first place. It's a maniacally difficult and competitive industry. I wanted to foster a studio that was a TRUE artstic home, a place to stretch and reconnect with your imagination and try EVERYTHING without the restraint of "what they want to see."


So began the LIVING STUDIO.


When I started teaching, I observed a common inclination in young actors: rigid perfectionism—an almost formulaic performing style that felt disconnected from the actor's personality. The Studio is a place that will reconnect you to your passion and your joy of performing. You don't stop breathing when you open your mouth to perform... you breath THROUGH performance, allowing yourself to be available to spontaneity.


Let me share some notes with you that I wrote before our first class of the LIVING STUDIO in fall 2011:

Make this class your first intimate audience—no masks, or performances—but the beginning of bringing your authentic self and spirit to your work.


Learn to live onstage...to breathe...

You have to practice that kind of courage. It pays homage to the reality that this is an art—not a fluke, or bag of tricks, or series of belt notes... It's the discipline of study, which you already have, as you have shown up.


We will work hard, friends.

We will reconnect with the necessary truth that we have to be STORYTELLERS in song, and lead, without shame or fear, with our own unique selves. I am a working actress. Please understand that what I teach I still work on EVERY DAY, in my own auditions. TRUSTING that I am enough... allowing the audition experience to be genuinely spontaneous and infused with my imagination and instinct. We will fight to banish our perfectionism, get out of our own ways, and make a little magic happen every Sunday night.


The Studio is also a family—a collective of artists. You will learn from me, but you will ALSO learn from one another. The simple gesture of having each other's backs will ignite a new confidence as you enter your weeks in this crazy city.


The Living Studio will always include instruction and connection to industry professionals. One class will always be with an agent or casting director to directly immerse you in the business. But my focus is to foster courage—foster a place of connection and community. You know that sense you had in your college training, like this group of like-minded kooks were the REASON you loved to perform? The bar they set and the support they rallied behind you?


...THAT'S what I aspire to create in The Living Studio.